What is Energy…and How can you Control it ?

by Gerard Fairley

Everything is energy and most people are fooled by what they can see and experience with their 5 senses. Scientists (ever since Einstein) have already proven in a lab that physical and non-physical things are just balls and/or waves of energy. But what is energy ? Energy is the active/passive..intelligent essence of Creation…Life…itself…waiting for your command to transform itself. There is just One energy (expressing “itself” unlimited-ly). Being that you are of this energy, you by default, are in connection with it and all other things “created” by this energy. Energy is the essence of The Universe we see and don’t see…ever expanding and transforming itself into “new” things along the way. This intangible “stuff” is ever expanding and radiating out, moving like waves in the ocean. Everything is made up of this stuff…other universes, galaxies, stars, planets, buildings, cars, people, etc. Light, heat and electricity are made up of this stuff (energy) too…but just a more abstract “less physical” version of energy. And then you come to human thoughts and feelings.
Our thoughts are even “less physical” than light and heat..but it is still energy (and measurable by scientists with modern day equipment). With our thoughts, we are able to manipulate energy because we are always connected to it by default. Everything around us is influenced and created just by our very presence. This is no different than a Mother being able to influence her child…just by thinking about him/her. Mothers program certain behaviors into their child while their pregnant, just by their thoughts and feelings (whether they are aware or not, this is the fact of the matter). And a child is always connected to their mother. They are of the same energy frequency (their shared DNA is the more “physical” version of this same energy frequency)
We may never see energy or know exactly what energy is, but we do know some of the properties that it exhibits. When you realize that your thoughts and feelings are also energy, you begin to realize how much power you really have. You don’t have to be tossed to and fro by circumstances in life (which you created by default), feeling powerless and vulnerable. Our mind is like a radio tuner, allowing us to deliberately (or by default) “dial in” to any type of transformation (or frequency) of this energy. In other articles we will get into exactly how this is done. But first, you have to change some of your thoughts and beliefs about who and what you are. You are a powerful being of energy …in connection with all things physical and non physical.Subscribe to my blog.

How to manipulate energy.
 Everything is energy…and with your thoughts, you are connected to all energy frequencies and vibrations
We are all energy and energy exhibits certain properties…such as it flows like a wave and follows mental commands or direction. Energy is this intelligent field or wave of consciousness…containing the potential of all possibilities that can and could exist. Later you will begin to understand that energy can take on a shape that you “tell it” to take.

Being energy and having the ability to manipulate energy; goes to the core of creating what you want and having what you want in life. Energy makes up the “physical” stuff of your clothes, cars, homes, and makes up the substance of excitement, “being in love” and any other intangible feeling that you can feel. Creating is best done by going right to the sub-atomic level and manipulating your own thoughts and feelings to mirror or approximate the vibration of what we want.
So the first step to manipulate energy is to recognize that you have that power. Your thoughts within your mind help you to tweak and fine tune with pin point accuracy…the exact vibration or energy frequency of anything existing or not existing yet. Your imagination is the main artist or creator to mold a plastic composite (image) of what you want to create. This imaginative faculty that you guide with your thoughts and desire is just energy…and this is energy is connected to other energy waves. Energy has been proven by scientist to transverse space and time, opening up truly fantastic potentials for the person who learns to use it. The whole science of deliberate creation is a result of this characteristic of energy, being able to shape it (by tuning into specific frequencies…with our thoughts and feelings) and utilize it for any purpose at any time, for anything, anywhere.Subscribe to my blog.
Creating what you want is a formula that can be readily identified and documented. It simply amounts to tuning into the frequency of what you want by using your visual and “feeling” imaginative faculties.
1. The key to manifesting anything is to Believe that you can have it. Desire it and want it without guilt, want it with a light and playful heart.


2. Use your imagination to create a picture in your mind of the minimum visual experience of what you want. Use your imagination to get a clear feeling of how it feels to have what you want. How does it feel right now? This picture and/or feeling, is the link that your belief uses to co-create with the Universe. For more “realness” and fun, add taste, smell and sounds too if you can.
3. The third and equally important step is clearing away anxieties, fears and negative contradictory beliefs that will crop up to test your new creation.
Most people fall down on step 3. We know what we want and can focus on it readily. We can even feel it and get excited. But we all have a calendar app on our smartphones and are quick to notice when our manifestation is not there yet…then anxieties crop up…..and then we begin to “uncreate” our manifestation. Like pouring water on a fire. If we can just get out of our own way mentally, we would be alright. We can manifest anything that we want…by desiring it, tuning into the vibration of it, and clearing away any concerns, anxieties or fears that crop up along the way.
What you want is irrelevant. If you desire it, then you deserve it and can have it. What is important is the strength of the energy (intensity) and the accuracy of the link to the thing you want (image, feeling, idea, etc). Some people call this magic. Magic is simply getting what you want by tuning into the right energy frequency and clearing away any anxiety (mental interferences and “chatter”) that may pop up. In this website…thru other articles and videos, I am going to show you how to better understand energy, so you know how to flow with it and manipulate it when necessary.
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Gerard Fairley

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