What Does Life Mean ?

Everybody that has ever existed…has asked them themselves this question at one point in their lives. Why am I here…and what is “Life”…what happens after this ? Will it hurt ? etc. etc.
     by gerard fairley

There are two levels on which to answer this question. As above, so below. From a God level…and from a human level. God (The Universe or Inifinte Intelligence) or the Godhead seeks unlimited expression and experiences…and gets this thru living thru unlimited animals, humans, planets, worlds and galaxies.   Human beings are just a vehicle thru which God experiences thru. But we humans (which are just expressions of God) get to experience unlimited experiences and feelings too (thru various incarnations and lives). We come into this world and thru various “life altering traumas” (childhood abuse, domestic violence, rape, mental abuse, extreme poverty/wealth, etc) we are “forced” to experience Life thru a certain perspective.

what is life- how to play the game of life

life is not real…but the experience is…

Actually on another level, we choose this “theme” of our life.  We make agreements before we manifest in physical form. Trauma, chaos, conflict and strife…is a way in which Infinite Intelligence can manifest and experience different experiences. Joy and Ecstasy is not even relevant without Pain and Strife. Peace and Harmony must co-exist with its complement, War and Domination. How else could you (God/ The Universe) feel the Joy and Pain within /without; an ever expanding range of unlimited human experience ? We get to feel how it would feel to create and destroy…and all of the points in between. But our point of experience, feeling or expression …is from the perspective of God or human.. depending on what we choose. We can choose to feel and experience on a limited or human level (its all mental)…or we can choose to experience from an unlimited or God level. Either way, GOD… The One Source gets to experience,  feel and expand. But its not even “real”…. The Source…is the source of all things…so everything we see and experience is really all from the same thing or particle. Its the Source interacting with itself…making things in its image (creation) to interact with. Subscribe to my blog.

One of my key beliefs is “As above so below”. The Laws we see in Nature (below), are a reflection of The Infinite Intelligence (above). And the Law works both ways. I believe that our physical bodies are also a reflection of The Infinite Intelligence.

When I look at my body, I realize I have billions of cells. What purpose do these cells serve me? They serve me by (being very self sufficient ) allowing me to interact with this physical world. I experience things in this world primarily thru my physical body and my non-physical senses. And I crave to experience new things… new sights, new experiences, new relationships, visiting new places, learning, etc, etc. I could not bear to live my whole life sitting on a couch with nothing to do.

I kind of see The Infinite Intelligence (Supreme Being) in a similar vein. It was just “there”… doing nothing (because in it’s potential state … it is All things..hence “No-thing”). But that is like just a Big Huge Brain (non physical) sitting on a couch with nothing to do but think! After awhile, thinking was boring…. I think The Infinite Intelligence wanted to experience things. So, with thought (energy), the Supreme Intelligence, creates physical things (Universes and Galaxies) in which to experience things thru. I think this Universe and it’s Planets are just nerve endings and cells of The Infinite Intelligence (Source). We as humans on this planet serve a purpose (our existence) as a vehicle in which The Infinite Intelligence seeks to experience unlimited potentials as it relates to a human/plant/animal/mineral kingdom on a planet with this type of density. Trying to realize or re-connect with It’s “Unlimitedness” in a physical (limited) realm or place (planet earth). Very much a different experience than what is going on in another part of the galaxy or some alternate universe.


I believe that The Infinite Intelligence made us all and we are the same as the Infinite Intelligence at our core. I mean the planets and vegetable, animal kingdoms are all from the Infinite Intelligence and that is why I believe in reincarnation or recycling of the physical! Nothing new, or created… just recycled energy (physical matter is just condensed energy). I mean how could Infinite Intelligence allow a Holocaust or Tsunami to wipe out millions of lives? Unless it is not really about the physical body at all. There has to be a reason why this was allowed to happen>… This also further supports my “Why do we Exist?” theory. It’s an experience. For Whom? That which created us. That which Lives within us.

This answer will seem very cryptic and confusing…unless you can know and feel that you are an extension of God (Source, Infinite Intelligence, etc)….and God lives in you..thru you. This is no different than you and your billions of cells that you call a human body. You experence, feel, grow and expand thru all of your cells. Your cells are not you…but you live thru them collectively.  Your billions of cells support your existence…your experience, your growth and expansion. 

So, GOD is that all powerful, all intelligent, formless (but containing the potential of all forms), always existing “Non -Thing”.

Life as we humans know it, is a game or mind matrix or “limitation” that God puts on itself … to experience itself thru ever expanding ways, means and expressions. When you are all powerful and all intelligent, all knowing…how else can you experience and feel ?
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Gerard Fairley

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