Thoughts are Currency (Poem)

Love not in doubt ..
Our currency are our thoughts , so we must examine what we think…
Through our journey this knowing is a gift, to our abundance….
we think, then we create what we see…
Thoughts are currency
What we think about we bring about..our thoughts are our gifts we need to beleive in,
its our link…if we tailor how we think on our journey,on our stroll…
We create more of what we want because thought currency will know..
Thoughts are our currency,our lives are paid by what we think…
Our thoughts and harmony, in life the two must be in sync…
Thougjts are currency we must reteach ourselves and say…
my abundance is me, I am my creator, i create my own way
I am rich becasue I am love, I am love becasue love is me.
Our currency is what we think and love in ourselves we must see
For the most important riches in life, the currency that is a must, it is
Its the love that is abundacne, the greatness and confidence in ourselves we must feel
Love , belief and positivty let think and see
Lets think and create our love and abundance, that is innate in you and me.

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