How to Shift your Life in 3 Simple Steps

How to shift your Whole Life in 3 simple Steps – it all starts with relieving you internal pain and suffering.

how to shift your life in 3 steps

do you feel like your hands are tied in life?

by gerard fairley

The steps are simple, but I never said it would be easy ! Many of us are going thru the motions of life, just living..without a clear cut picture or feeling as to what we are doing and why. We go to school, start a business or career, raise a family and then wait to die. For the masses, life is just something to do…filled mostly with drudgery and fleeting happy moments here and there. We agonize over the pain and suffering that we experience, never seeing the growth and expansion that comes out of that pain. We get stuck in the pain of past traumas that we experienced, and this creates additional anxieties/fears that shape and mold major movements in our life (without us really being aware of it either). Many of us never get to shake the shackles free from our mind and ride the wave of life …filled with excitement and purpose. Well, I’m here to show you 3 simple but extraordinary things you can do to shift your whole life around in 90 days or less.

  • Clear away Childhood Trauma Residual Emotional Pain
  • Identify and clear away your major “Fear Buddies”
  • Re-Discover Yourself thru your Hobbies

Childhood trauma is a painful something that happened to you, or you visually witnessed…that has left a major mark on your personality, behavior and overall life path. A child that witnesses a traumatic event like the tragic death of a loved one, or watching mom get yelled at (or beaten) by dad for years, etc, etc. A child may be the “victim” of something traumatic such as physical abuse/assault, abandonment, or similar physical or emotionally catastrophic event(s).  Perhaps is was bullying or stalking. You may have been a person who struggles with weight and have heard enouhg “fat jokes’ in your lifetime. All this can cause a huge blow to your self esteem.  Many time this abuse can be very subtle that we fail to recognize it at all. The strong, “shadowy” influence of a childhood trauma, can leave you feeling painfully and emotionally vulnerable in certain situations that keep cropping up in your life.  Now the child grows into an adult, carrying this trauma around like a straight jacket…emotionally keeping him/her from excelling in certain areas…or propelling them to any number of self abusive activities. It shapes and molds how we pick our mates, our careers and everything else we do!.

Fear buddies are certain fear and anxieties that run in the background of our life, kinda like a piece of software on a computer. These fears have been with us so long, …we feel so comfortable with them, many times we are not aware of their strong influence over our actions and in-actions. Fear is supposed to steer us away from potentially harmful events or activity…but the fears that we inherit and learn during childhood, are usually based on learned behavior (and based on other peoples illogical fears). Many fears that we comfortably hold on to and accept “as a way of life”, is propagated by the media and society in general. So, 80% of the fears we hold onto are not serving us; but rather are restricting our forward motion mentally, spiritually and financially.

Once you neutralize your fear buddies and their energy (and their impact on your life), you will begin to rediscover who you are. Taking more time to enjoy life, especially your hobbies, can even propel you into a new business or career. When you are able to deal with the emotional pain of your childhood trauma (release it, and clear it out of your psyche), you get catapulted into your life’s purpose. Why? Because your greatest pains in life, will always yield your greatest treasures and pleasures in life…because energy has to remain balanced on both sides of your life equation.

We will have online classes in the near future.. on how to neutralize these events in your emotional mind/ you can smooth out the bumps in your life. It will help you be more successful with less effort. Because you will clear away the built up internal resistance you have …and can more clearly access your personal road of least resistance.  You will notice this in nature…all things animals, planets, the behavior of our planet, solar systems, etc…all function along the lines of least resistance and “just in time” management.


Gerard Fairley

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