How to Liquidate Fear


by gerard fairley

What is fear ? Fear is this thing that keeps us from doing many things in life. Most people perceive this thing we call actual physical pain somewhere in their body. There is this feeling of extreme displeasure towards the image or “thing” we are witnessing (“seeing” and “feeling)” in our mind”s eye …and extreme concern that this could cause us some bodily or, emotional or mental injury. People universally react to fear by exhibiting a need to quickly go in the opposite direction.

Fear can rise up when we react to something that occurs in life, But for most of us, fear quietly lives in the background in life. Guiding us away from things that “might” harm us. Running like a piece of Microsoft windows operating system on a laptop computer…supporting the whole computer itself. And that may sound like a good things, but its not. Nearly all of our fears were created in our mind..based off of learned behavior (and also based on the “handed down” fear from the people around us as we were growing up).
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our parents and our immediate surrounding growing up as children; is what created and fed our “fear bodies”. So as now as adults we are continually feeding this irrational fears. Fear is an energy that wants to grow and expand within you. You feed it every time a situation comes up and you invoke fear for that thing (i.e. –> fear of not having enough money). Once that fear is (energy, thought or spirit)invoked, your chest rises and tightens up, quick shallow breathing, your blood warms up, your heart beats faster (adrenaline), your head starts to pound, your hands, head or/and feet start sweating, you may get dizzy and have dry mouth. You start creating images in your mind of what could happen to you (always in the worst possible scenarios ! lol) This is typically how “fear” affects the body.

The way to conquer fear, is to simply invoke its opposite or complementary energy…which is confidence and invincibility. Create a version of yourself that is a super hero with a special power over this “thing” that you are fearful of (Are you deathly scared that your boss is looking for a way to fire you are work ? Stand in front of a mirror every morning for 7 days, and say “I am invincible and all powerful over my Boss at work” Create some kind of visual for yourself that looks appropriate and feels good. Play with this exercise…go with your feelings …more…. and your thoughts …less. Do this exercise for whatever fear you want to neutralize (balance out the energy equation with an equal amount of its complement or opposite energy). Get your feelings involved as much as possible, take your mind back to your favorite childhood cartoon superhero … or any kind of hero that when you think of him/her…you get that feeling of feeling powerful and strong.
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That’s the superhero you use. Now you do your exercises with this super hero component energy flowing thru you…in conjunction with the invincible version of you that you created in your mind. You can even give it a name. After 7 days working doing this 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening; you will surely have balanced yourself with this energy and feel supremely confident around your boss. He will no longer seem worthy of your extra attention or concern. he becomes a gentle to lamb to you now, after you have reprogrammed or transmuted your fear into invincible.
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