Day 7 A new You, a new improved relationship

Day 7

A new You, a new improved relationship

Your outlook on Life
When someone is always thinking negative about themselves, it spreads into everything they do. Pessimism and Depression (stinking thinking) will affect your relationships in a negative way, and in time, it will rob you of good health (mental and physical). In order to change your negative thinking to positive thinking, you have to decide you want a more positive lifestyle, then you must put forth the effort to achieve your goal. Don’t sit there and say it can’t be done because you are only lying, to yourself. Anything can be turned around with some long as you are vibrationally aligned with your goal. The inspired action will complete the circuit.

Instead of always thinking negative about yourself and your surroundings, think positive about you. This is all good ways to start. As you start, you will notice that you will feel better in no time. You have to accept the changes (challenges) that life throws at you and move on. Pick up your head and lean forward instead of backwards. You need to stop dwelling on failure and focus on the bright side of life. Once you start to work, it will all come together. Just don’t give up and no matter what keep on moving to the brighter side of life. You will come to hard times, but keep your head up high and keep on moving not letting anything get in your way.

Gerard Fairley