Day 4 What do you Share in Common ?

Day 4

So now, you know yourself better and you know your partner a bit better…just from reviewing your lists. You know what you want and like. Remember when yall first got together?

Couple Holding Hands
Remember when you first started dating ? What did you do and where did you go?  What was most enjoyable about those times? The laughing ? The dinner dates (good food and long talks). Take sex out for a moment and focus on the non-sexual things. Or maybe it was the anticipation of the sex you enjoyed ? Identify it and write it down. What personality traits do (did) you love the most about your partner when you first met? What did you do to your partner that really put him/her into their best moods? What did you notice put them in a bad funk? Are there things you both dislike (roller coasters, red meat, coffee, etc).  What are the things you both like (Sci-fi movies, traveling, children, tea, etc) ?

The idea is to focus on the common likes and avoid the dislikes. This is such a powerful way to draw together, people miss it because of it’s simplicity.  Make your lists and check them twice.  The more you focus on the good you see (or feel)  in your partner the more you experience it…again again and again.