Day 2 What do you Want ?

Day 2

What do you Want ?
How to Attract the person you want and deserve ?
What is Attraction and Attractiveness ?


Over the years, most people had been lead to believe that attractiveness means to have the perfect body and face. What is the perfect face or body? What looks good to you, looks “bad” to someone else. Looks are purely physical and very subjective. Over the centuries, heavy (fat, bbw, etc) people have been classified as unattractive, simply because of traditional, made-made beliefs.

What do you consider attractive? What turns you on and makes you feel good ? What does you partner consider attractive? What originally attracted you guys to each other? Was it your looks only or was it a few things combined? You should also make a list of what you find attractive in your partner. Focus on these points and expand on them. Talk to your partner, and keep it casual. If your partner says the first thing that attracted you to them was your smile… check those teeth! Lol get a whitener kit and go to the dentist regularly. Keep some lip balm around and keep those lips nice and moist (and kissable) Many times in relationships we get lazy and take things (and our partner) for granted. The things we used to do…we stop doing after we hook up. Attraction will get you together, what you do after
that is what holds you together. If you are not with your perfect partner…then this is your blueprint on how you get them . IF you are already with somebody, then this may serve as a checklist….to see if you are getting what you really want… to see if y’all are really compatible!

Well after I went thru a few serious relationships, and was hitting my 30’s I decided to stop and take stock of what was going on in my love life. The first thing I did was make two lists. The first list was to determine the type of women I had been in relationships with (of at least 3-6 months). I listed the qualities of these women and their basic physical/emotional characteristics. The second list was for me to describe my ideal woman. When I say I ideal woman, I mean in my fairy-tale dream wishes. Don’t be afraid to reach for what will make you happy and feel good. So, when I examined both the lists, the women I had been dating…did not match up with the ideal woman that I had created on my wish list! What? I had been dating women my entire life that was not really what I wanted.

What this also showed me was, we have to examine the role of our childhood environment and how it shapes our mind when it comes to picking a suitable partner. Are you picking a partner that is a mirror image of your mom or dad or other figure? This is especially important for women to examine, if they are in relationships that are abusive, a lot of times she is subconsciously mirroring what she saw as a child. This goes the same for the men who do the abusing; many times they saw this behavior as a little boy (or were victims of abuse). So take this opportunity to delve into yourself and you will understand better why you keep attracting the same types of people in your life.

You all may have heard another saying. “Opposites attract” I agree, opposite do attract, but that is never enough to hold us together.. Opposites attract to a large degree, because we seek out partners instinctively that complement us. The heady boring intellect seeks out the adventurous spontaneous partner, we see this all the time. But psychologists and scientists have shown us that, we as humans only grow closer with someone who we share the same kinds interests. If you are into the gym, video games…and loves rock climbing and is a vegan… your ideal partner MUST be into the same (similar) types of things. You have to have main life goals, interests, likes and dislikes that are mirror images of each other in order to be compatible. The opposite stuff, then serves as exciting contrast within your
relationship. So, on my quest to find the perfect partner (soulmate) for me, I honed my wish list down to 10 items. My top 7 personality/emotional and 3 physical traits that was most important to me. I was creating a woman, my perfect partner on paper first.

The key is to be honest with yourself. If you were talking to an all powerful genie, what would you ask for? Brains, beauty, sex appeal, independence, can cook, etc, etc. Place them on your list in the proper order.

1. Similar life Goals as me very important
2. Intelligent & educated but not a “book worm”
3. Physically Attractive G( small waist, booty, pleasant smile,etc)
4. Must match my sex drive
5. Has a sense of humor
6. Similar views on child rearing
7. Loves outdoor activities (not a couch potato)
8. Sense of fashion and style
9. Has similar morals and values as me
10. A Home Maker (can cook and clean) not as important

The list must be your starting point. Anything you really focus on, you bring into  your experience. I made my list and focused on it. I changed around the order and spent several days at it until it felt exactly right. Once you have made your list, you have completed 90% of the work. Now your subconscious mind (your higher Self) will do the rest. By creating this list, you have put your mind on a different vibration. Unconsciously your mind filters out people that don’t match up to your list, and conversely attracts those that do. Don’t look for this perfect partner, just feel them. You are attracting them just by thinking about that “feeling” of how you will feel with that person. Lol How you will feel when you go out together as a couple, etc. How good you will feel when you are rock climbing together. How
you will feel when you are both competing for the high score on your favorite video game. It’s all about how good you feel. How good the sex will feel! This whole world operates on energy, vibration…and once you change your vibration (your energy), you will attract things of a similar vibration. Attract the greatest love of your life. Think about how you got that house you wanted or that job you wanted or that new car you wanted. Everything you want in life starts with you imagining –seeing/feeling yourself enjoying it …. already…. In the present tense.

If you are not with your perfect partner then you do this exercise but what if you already with somebody? Are they right for you and you right for them?


Day 2 points to ponder
You can only have a fulfilling and complete relationship…if you are with the right and perfect person for you. Review your criteria on how you picked this person. Yes, you picked them (and they picked you)…are you right for each other? Your list will tell you. As long as you are honest, you will get the right results.