How to Get on the Vibration of Money

Your anxiety about Money…keeps you from having more of it…

how to get on the vibration of money #spiritualEntrepreneur

money is just energy…like you.

by Gerard Fairley

I know your pain about money…the constant unending struggle to get more of it, save more of it…and spend less of it. You feel oppressed by money, because you need it in this society….but “its so hard to get enough of it”. You grew up with incorrect thoughts and beliefs about money, keeping you in perpetual fear of not being able to get enough money to pay this bill or that one. All these bills that occur every month with remarkable regularity…having you to restrict or budget your spending. If you are already a business owner…your feelings about money will directly affect the financial success potential of your business ! How could it not ?

Was money scarce when you were growing up ? Did your mother (or your father) always remind you of what you couldn’t buy, because “there wasn’t enough money “? Most of us grew up with limitations surrounding money, and if your immediate childhood was financially impoverished…then you have built up more anxieties and fears of not having enough money. This anxiety and worry about money…makes it that much harder to acquire it. On top of this,,, we all have childhood experiences that shape our belief about money…and what we must do to acquire it….including our definition of success, how we quantify it, label it, and judge each other by it. Depending on what beliefs you were “taught” as a child about money….that is a direct reflection on your current state of income. Society..and our parents taught us that “you have to work hard to get money” and “Money doesn’t come easy”…etc etc.
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Do you have confidence in your ability to get money easily or do you have fear of having to get money the hard way ? Do you have confidence that there is more than enough money for everybody including yourself? Do you worry about paying bills and being late on paying bills ? Fearful of the consequences of late payments and how it will affect your credit score ? Working so hard..does it steal all of your time to enjoy life, family and friends ? When was the last time you went on vacation ?

Worried about how you are going to retire…where will the money come from and will it be enough? Many of us block financial success because we are in the wrong career (doing something that doesn’t suit us). Or you can be in the right career, but at the wrong job. So take a moment to analyse your feelings. Do you love what you do for a living ? If you love it then good, stick with it. If you don’t love it, then start doing more of what you want to do. Switch careers or jobs. Spend more time doing your hobbies and things you love to do; they may actually hold the key to you making more money. You may be cut to be an entrepreneur, rather than a corporate type (or vice versa). Doing something that you love to to, is the easiest way to make money, because you have a lot less anxiety about it. You may have anxiety about the people at work (lol), but the not the actual thing itself. If you are not having having a good time, or enjoying what you are doing for a living…then you are creating a ton of resistance to money right there. Fix this part of the equation first. The more fun your having, the easier money will come to you.

Your desire for more money is enough to begin the creation and attraction process. The magic is in your thoughts and feelings (emotions) about money. You have to decrease your anxiety about having it…and increase your confidence in your ability to create and attract more of it. Anything you created (or attracted) in life on purpose….is only because you felt confident about your ability to do so. You got this job or that woman or that man…because you knew you could. You wanted it and you got it…solely based on your desire and confidence. Everything else lined up around your belief! The key to How to get more Money is to feel strong about money, not weak and vulnerable. Feeling more confident about your ability to get more of it. The vibration of having all the money you need (and want) is ease, relaxation, confidence, peaceful, etc. How do you think you would feel….if you had $100,000 in the bank ? Tap into that feeling. Use whatever money amounts are relevant to your situation right now. The feeling has to feel “real” to you…not elusive or just out of your reach.

—> Prepare a little mp3 recording of yourself in a soothing voice, saying the following affirmation: I clear away any anxiety and fears I have about money. I release any negative emotions and beliefs I have regarding money. I clear away any feelings of anxiety and worry that I have about money, that maybe hidden in other parts of my mind and spirit. I know that money is just energy, and I am energy as well. I am feeling more confident about money. I know that I can create money and attract the circumstance in my life to bring me more money. I am thankful and grateful that money loves me and is attracted to me…always seeking me out. I am confident in me and confident in my ability to have anything that I want..and more money is what I want right now. I want more money to purchase the things I need and want, to have a growing surplus in my life and to feel more stable and financially at ease…I like the idea that all my bills are paid for in advance. …etc, etc. Get your mind and feelings into the mood and vibration of wealth and abundance with this little exercise. <—Play this mp3 at night when you are going to sleep. Fall asleep to it. Meditate on it 5-10mins in the morning before you go to work or school. You will start seeing results usually within 7-14days.Subscribe to my blog.

Gerard Fairley

What Does Life Mean ?

Everybody that has ever existed…has asked them themselves this question at one point in their lives. Why am I here…and what is “Life”…what happens after this ? Will it hurt ? etc. etc.
     by gerard fairley

There are two levels on which to answer this question. As above, so below. From a God level…and from a human level. God (The Universe or Inifinte Intelligence) or the Godhead seeks unlimited expression and experiences…and gets this thru living thru unlimited animals, humans, planets, worlds and galaxies.   Human beings are just a vehicle thru which God experiences thru. But we humans (which are just expressions of God) get to experience unlimited experiences and feelings too (thru various incarnations and lives). We come into this world and thru various “life altering traumas” (childhood abuse, domestic violence, rape, mental abuse, extreme poverty/wealth, etc) we are “forced” to experience Life thru a certain perspective.

what is life- how to play the game of life

life is not real…but the experience is…

Actually on another level, we choose this “theme” of our life.  We make agreements before we manifest in physical form. Trauma, chaos, conflict and strife…is a way in which Infinite Intelligence can manifest and experience different experiences. Joy and Ecstasy is not even relevant without Pain and Strife. Peace and Harmony must co-exist with its complement, War and Domination. How else could you (God/ The Universe) feel the Joy and Pain within /without; an ever expanding range of unlimited human experience ? We get to feel how it would feel to create and destroy…and all of the points in between. But our point of experience, feeling or expression …is from the perspective of God or human.. depending on what we choose. We can choose to feel and experience on a limited or human level (its all mental)…or we can choose to experience from an unlimited or God level. Either way, GOD… The One Source gets to experience,  feel and expand. But its not even “real”…. The Source…is the source of all things…so everything we see and experience is really all from the same thing or particle. Its the Source interacting with itself…making things in its image (creation) to interact with. Subscribe to my blog.

One of my key beliefs is “As above so below”. The Laws we see in Nature (below), are a reflection of The Infinite Intelligence (above). And the Law works both ways. I believe that our physical bodies are also a reflection of The Infinite Intelligence.

When I look at my body, I realize I have billions of cells. What purpose do these cells serve me? They serve me by (being very self sufficient ) allowing me to interact with this physical world. I experience things in this world primarily thru my physical body and my non-physical senses. And I crave to experience new things… new sights, new experiences, new relationships, visiting new places, learning, etc, etc. I could not bear to live my whole life sitting on a couch with nothing to do.

I kind of see The Infinite Intelligence (Supreme Being) in a similar vein. It was just “there”… doing nothing (because in it’s potential state … it is All things..hence “No-thing”). But that is like just a Big Huge Brain (non physical) sitting on a couch with nothing to do but think! After awhile, thinking was boring…. I think The Infinite Intelligence wanted to experience things. So, with thought (energy), the Supreme Intelligence, creates physical things (Universes and Galaxies) in which to experience things thru. I think this Universe and it’s Planets are just nerve endings and cells of The Infinite Intelligence (Source). We as humans on this planet serve a purpose (our existence) as a vehicle in which The Infinite Intelligence seeks to experience unlimited potentials as it relates to a human/plant/animal/mineral kingdom on a planet with this type of density. Trying to realize or re-connect with It’s “Unlimitedness” in a physical (limited) realm or place (planet earth). Very much a different experience than what is going on in another part of the galaxy or some alternate universe.


I believe that The Infinite Intelligence made us all and we are the same as the Infinite Intelligence at our core. I mean the planets and vegetable, animal kingdoms are all from the Infinite Intelligence and that is why I believe in reincarnation or recycling of the physical! Nothing new, or created… just recycled energy (physical matter is just condensed energy). I mean how could Infinite Intelligence allow a Holocaust or Tsunami to wipe out millions of lives? Unless it is not really about the physical body at all. There has to be a reason why this was allowed to happen>… This also further supports my “Why do we Exist?” theory. It’s an experience. For Whom? That which created us. That which Lives within us.

This answer will seem very cryptic and confusing…unless you can know and feel that you are an extension of God (Source, Infinite Intelligence, etc)….and God lives in you..thru you. This is no different than you and your billions of cells that you call a human body. You experence, feel, grow and expand thru all of your cells. Your cells are not you…but you live thru them collectively.  Your billions of cells support your existence…your experience, your growth and expansion. 

So, GOD is that all powerful, all intelligent, formless (but containing the potential of all forms), always existing “Non -Thing”.

Life as we humans know it, is a game or mind matrix or “limitation” that God puts on itself … to experience itself thru ever expanding ways, means and expressions. When you are all powerful and all intelligent, all knowing…how else can you experience and feel ?
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Gerard Fairley

What is Energy…and How can you Control it ?

by Gerard Fairley

Everything is energy and most people are fooled by what they can see and experience with their 5 senses. Scientists (ever since Einstein) have already proven in a lab that physical and non-physical things are just balls and/or waves of energy. But what is energy ? Energy is the active/passive..intelligent essence of Creation…Life…itself…waiting for your command to transform itself. There is just One energy (expressing “itself” unlimited-ly). Being that you are of this energy, you by default, are in connection with it and all other things “created” by this energy. Energy is the essence of The Universe we see and don’t see…ever expanding and transforming itself into “new” things along the way. This intangible “stuff” is ever expanding and radiating out, moving like waves in the ocean. Everything is made up of this stuff…other universes, galaxies, stars, planets, buildings, cars, people, etc. Light, heat and electricity are made up of this stuff (energy) too…but just a more abstract “less physical” version of energy. And then you come to human thoughts and feelings.
Our thoughts are even “less physical” than light and heat..but it is still energy (and measurable by scientists with modern day equipment). With our thoughts, we are able to manipulate energy because we are always connected to it by default. Everything around us is influenced and created just by our very presence. This is no different than a Mother being able to influence her child…just by thinking about him/her. Mothers program certain behaviors into their child while their pregnant, just by their thoughts and feelings (whether they are aware or not, this is the fact of the matter). And a child is always connected to their mother. They are of the same energy frequency (their shared DNA is the more “physical” version of this same energy frequency)
We may never see energy or know exactly what energy is, but we do know some of the properties that it exhibits. When you realize that your thoughts and feelings are also energy, you begin to realize how much power you really have. You don’t have to be tossed to and fro by circumstances in life (which you created by default), feeling powerless and vulnerable. Our mind is like a radio tuner, allowing us to deliberately (or by default) “dial in” to any type of transformation (or frequency) of this energy. In other articles we will get into exactly how this is done. But first, you have to change some of your thoughts and beliefs about who and what you are. You are a powerful being of energy …in connection with all things physical and non physical.Subscribe to my blog.

How to manipulate energy.
 Everything is energy…and with your thoughts, you are connected to all energy frequencies and vibrations
We are all energy and energy exhibits certain properties…such as it flows like a wave and follows mental commands or direction. Energy is this intelligent field or wave of consciousness…containing the potential of all possibilities that can and could exist. Later you will begin to understand that energy can take on a shape that you “tell it” to take.

Being energy and having the ability to manipulate energy; goes to the core of creating what you want and having what you want in life. Energy makes up the “physical” stuff of your clothes, cars, homes, and makes up the substance of excitement, “being in love” and any other intangible feeling that you can feel. Creating is best done by going right to the sub-atomic level and manipulating your own thoughts and feelings to mirror or approximate the vibration of what we want.
So the first step to manipulate energy is to recognize that you have that power. Your thoughts within your mind help you to tweak and fine tune with pin point accuracy…the exact vibration or energy frequency of anything existing or not existing yet. Your imagination is the main artist or creator to mold a plastic composite (image) of what you want to create. This imaginative faculty that you guide with your thoughts and desire is just energy…and this is energy is connected to other energy waves. Energy has been proven by scientist to transverse space and time, opening up truly fantastic potentials for the person who learns to use it. The whole science of deliberate creation is a result of this characteristic of energy, being able to shape it (by tuning into specific frequencies…with our thoughts and feelings) and utilize it for any purpose at any time, for anything, anywhere.Subscribe to my blog.
Creating what you want is a formula that can be readily identified and documented. It simply amounts to tuning into the frequency of what you want by using your visual and “feeling” imaginative faculties.
1. The key to manifesting anything is to Believe that you can have it. Desire it and want it without guilt, want it with a light and playful heart.


2. Use your imagination to create a picture in your mind of the minimum visual experience of what you want. Use your imagination to get a clear feeling of how it feels to have what you want. How does it feel right now? This picture and/or feeling, is the link that your belief uses to co-create with the Universe. For more “realness” and fun, add taste, smell and sounds too if you can.
3. The third and equally important step is clearing away anxieties, fears and negative contradictory beliefs that will crop up to test your new creation.
Most people fall down on step 3. We know what we want and can focus on it readily. We can even feel it and get excited. But we all have a calendar app on our smartphones and are quick to notice when our manifestation is not there yet…then anxieties crop up…..and then we begin to “uncreate” our manifestation. Like pouring water on a fire. If we can just get out of our own way mentally, we would be alright. We can manifest anything that we want…by desiring it, tuning into the vibration of it, and clearing away any concerns, anxieties or fears that crop up along the way.
What you want is irrelevant. If you desire it, then you deserve it and can have it. What is important is the strength of the energy (intensity) and the accuracy of the link to the thing you want (image, feeling, idea, etc). Some people call this magic. Magic is simply getting what you want by tuning into the right energy frequency and clearing away any anxiety (mental interferences and “chatter”) that may pop up. In this website…thru other articles and videos, I am going to show you how to better understand energy, so you know how to flow with it and manipulate it when necessary.
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Gerard Fairley

Your Belief can make any plan work


You can do it…whatever you can imagine or want…or eagerly desire. Once you conceive it in your mind, The Universe immediately lines up cooperative resources on your behalf.

Belief is so powerful…that it will make any plan work…from plan A all the way to plan Z.
Trust me…it aint the plan. Its your belief in the vision. Belief is the magic..the plan is just one possible way it can happen and manifest.

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What is the Law of Attraction ?

Law of Attraction (the Law of Momentum)  is one of the most powerful laws in the Universe !


by gerard fairley

The Law of Attraction is the “passive” side of creation…the raw power of creation and its unlimited resources. Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe ! Your thoughts, images and feelings are the “active” side of creation… providing the vision or the direction of creation. Both aspects work together in tandem. “Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on.

Thinking and feeling (and letting your desires be known) is an act of creation. When you think about what you want whether its physical or non-physical…you are creating that thing in that moment. It may not be perceivable to your 5 senses…yet, but you have already begun its creation. By thinking or desiring something, you are shaping the very energy field that we are made of and that surrounds us.

Lets pretend that for anything you want in life, there is an app for that. So now lets see Law of Attraction like an itunes or Google Play app store…where you can download any app (or life experience) that you want. Perhaps you want to download a “loving relationship app”. You would notice that there are an unlimited supply and all different types of “loving relationship” apps to choose from. The apps are free as long as you can tune into their energy vibration.Subscribe to my blog.

You can download anything from the app store of life, all you have to to do is pay for it with the right vibrations and feelings that are easily generated by your thoughts. You have to… in effect…”be” the energy of that app that you want to download. You have to be like the love you want to download or attract into your life, etc. etc.

Its really this simple...

Its really this simple…

-Go ahead, download a money app from the universe, just by feeling wealthy and abundant. The law of attraction is that Universal intelligence, or that Divine agency (call it whatever you want) that lines you up with whatever you are broadcasting into the Universe. You are always broadcasting something…whether you realize it or not. You are always feeling good or bad about things in your life. Your main energy or state of usually made up of several different feelings and vibrations.

You maybe feeling good about your car, but worried about your job and anxious about your spouse or your intimate relationship. Whatever you put your attention on, you are gonna create and attract into your life. Your thoughts and feelings point the direction for us. If we focus on a thing and feel good about it, then it is being attracted to us and we actually want it. If we focus on a thing and it feels bad, then it is being attracted to us and we actually don’t want it (That’s why it feels bad).

We Worry about war and disease. Worry about when your favorite celebrity is gonna drop that next album. Fear of disappointing our parents, or not living up to somebody’s ideal of us. Fear about getting cancer or having a heart attack. Anxiety about travelling out late at night, or getting robbed. Worried about getting fired. Worried about not being accepted by our peers or loved by our loved ones. Fearful or worried about not having enough money to pay necessary financial obligations. Anxiety, worry and fear about love and money issues attract more love and money issues. How can you download the loving relationship app….when you are scared that you are gonna get into another abusive relationship ? They are two different…nearly opposite energy frequencies.

Our resistance to what we want, prevents us from downloading what we want from the universe. Our worry, anxiety and fear not only acts as sort of a repellent for what we do want, but it attracts more events and things to be scared and worried and fearful OF (which are the actual things that we don’t want!). You are always attracting that which closely tracks with what you are currently feeling and thinking about. Whatever takes up most of your energy and focus …that’s what your are getting in your life. If you are always focused on what you don’t have, law of attraction will take more things away from you…so you have more things to focus on not having !


Law of attraction is that intelligent aspect of creation that categorizes all energy vibrations and aligns similar vibrations together. Law of Attraction is constantly interacting and co-creating with you…lining up resources , people, situations and things to match your core vibration (and your creation intent). Now you can get more of what you want and avoid more of what you don’t want…simply by removing your attention from it.

Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. So, if you stay focused on the good and positive things in your life, you will automatically attract more good and positive things into your life.”

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Gerard Fairley

Healing Childhood Trauma and Sexual Abuse (for Men)

Healing Sexual Abuse Pain and Childhood Trauma (for Men)
Once you can release this pain… your life will do a full 180 degree shift. I promise you.

I provide this service in person, cellphone, Skype, Whatsapp, email and text…. limited to 10 people at any given time. My fee is $459  (I offer an installment plan) and I am available to you for 14 days (9:30am-8pm est). But, you will have relief in 5-7 days…the remaining days are just for support. If you are in the metro Atlanta area, I offer mobile service…I will come to your home, office, or other local location.

Before I can accept you …I need to speak with you on the  phone. I provide 15-20 min free telephone consultation before you purchase this service. This is so we can feel each other and see if we can connect, otherwise the healing will not occur. The healing is within you, Im just your helper to get you to that point.  Email me first and I will give you my cellphone number.

Gerard Fairley