How to find your Purpose in Life

How to find your Purpose in Life – Do we all have a purpose ? Are we here for a particular reason ? Living in this world causes us to do so many things just to “maintain a living”, we forgot about enjoying life.

what is your purpose in it to learn lessons ?

do we all have a purpose in life?

Enjoying life comes from not just having money and love and things, but it comes from having found your purpose. You are a unique individual, but still are one with the Universe. We all come here to help the universe grow and expand in our own way.

When life feels like a drag, it just means that you are not vibrating at where you should be. The Source within you knows why you are here on earth, and it communicates to you with your via your feelings (and intuition). Thoughts received are not always accurate, because you can pick up other peoples fears and anxieties and think that they are your thoughts. Feelings of exhilaration or excitement are a better barometer to measure if you are going in the right direction. When you are feeling out of alignment with the potential of who you are really meant to be…you will feel undervalued, underappreciated, anxious to do something “worthy”, mentally restless, bored with life and slightly unsettled. What the solution to this problem ? Rediscover who you are and what your purpose is this incarnation.

Your hobbies usually are the place where you allow yourself to indulge who you are and what you want to do or “be” in life.

Write down all of the things that you enjoy doing on a sheet of paper. Don’t judge them or categorize them or criticize them. Write them all down. Now go thru them one by one and rate them on scale of 1-5. Where 1 is least exciting and 5 is most exciting.
This list of hobbies and interests represent the things that you do to “escape” the drudgery of Life. And this is where we will start to look to rediscover yourself all over again.

Now if you don’t have at least 1 or 2 hobbies or interests, then you need to dig a little deeper. Let your spirit answer this question– > If you could do anything in the world, and money is no object…what would you do…at least 2-3 hour per day ? Your hobby can be source of enjoyment wrapped up into an incoming producing business, or it can be tottaly separate. Don’t judge what comes to you, just let it come. Your spirit wants to have fun and wants to do what it came to do too. Many times they are wrapped together tightly, we are just to stressed about living to really recognize this fact. We only allow ourselves to “escape” to our hobby a scant few precious moments a week, or get rid of them together (who has time ?)!

If you are having difficulty in figuring out the things that bring you the most joy, then look at from a different angle. What do you do that you lose track of time while your doing ? Not a passive thing like watching a football game or a cooking show on t.v. Im talking about an activity in which you are actively involved in shaping, producing or influencing in some type of way. It can be a sport, or singing, or the entertainment arts. But don’t stop there. A lot of the things we like and gravitate to are because of what we see in the media. This world has become very celebrity oriented. Everybody wants to be Beyonce , Lady GaGa or Denzel Washington. Lol

Be more creative and dig deeper. So, if the very first thing that comes to your mind as your favorite hobby is signing…then ask yourself this question. “Would you do it for free…or you want to do it because of all the millions you can make (album sales, concerts, etc) Would you spend hours a day practicing and singing just for the pure joy you get from it ? Does it make you emotionally high and elevated? If not, then you are on the wrong track.
Your purpose in life is not something that is based off of material things acquired, but is “measured” by the feelings you experience and lives you uplift along your way.

Purpose in life is what makes you want to eagerly get up in the morning…there is an internal passion (fire) that drive you forward, or a vision that pulls you forward. When you awaken the desire and intent to have purpose in your life, a sense of it will present itself to you. It will have been sitting quietly all these years waiting for you to call upon it and activate it. Purpose is an alignment with your will and the will of the Universe for you. Remember we are co-creators here, if you do not have alignment with your higher self (regarding your purpose in life), you feel that un-ease.

Your Life Purpose … is the natural, active, joyful pursuit and expression of the gifted potential you have on this planet to expand yourself and others. ~g.f.

The scale does not matter. The amount of people is irrelevant. Its always the quality that matters. The way you feel matters. Your excitement matters. If you help one person to edit and uplift their life in some kind of meaningful way, you have achieved a lot. Once you neutralize your fear buddies and their energy (and their impact on your life), you will begin to rediscover who you are. The real you, will begin to emerge and bubble up to the surface. Taking more time to enjoy life, especially your hobbies, can even propel you into a new business or career. There is just One energy, One existence, One Purpose…that breaks down to the unlimited different pieces or seemingly different energies and people. But there is just one. So, because of that, you will find that you “true” purpose in life is usually married to the feeling of helping (uplifting or improving) others in some kind of shape form or fashion. Your spirit instinctively wants to do this in way or another.

Gerard Fairley

Healing Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma (For Men)

Healing Sexual Abuse Pain and Childhood Trauma (for Men)
Once you can release this pain… your life will do a full 180 degree shift. I promise you.

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Before I can accept you …I need to speak with you on the  phone. I provide 15-20 min free telephone consultation before you purchase this service. This is so we can feel each other and see if we can connect, otherwise the healing will not occur. The healing is within you, Im just your helper to get you to that point.  Email me first and I will give you my cellphone number.

Gerard Fairley

Why do we have Rape, War and Violence in the World ? [Video]

Why do we have Rape, War and Violence in the World ? – because the Universe does not recognize good and bad only balance and imbalance. If you have peace, you have to have war to keep the balance. There is no “Good” or”Bad”…just polarity. Everything has two poles …a positive and a negative and they both exist simultaneously and equally. That is just the way This Universe is set up. Once you can understand this idea you understand the duality in all things. and you will see Life in a whole new way. You will be able to see the Human view and the God view.

Gerard Fairley

How to Stop Anger – for Couples and Relationships [Video]

How to stop anger – this is an important life skill not only for your personal relationships but to fully know yourself you have to have control over your emotions so you can harness their energy when necessary.

We are never really taught how to control our anger. In relationships , anger can be very detrimental…we say things that we don’t mean, and do things under the influence of anger that we regret later. Here is a tool that you can use to stop this once and for all.
Gerard Fairley

Secrets to a Happy Relationship

I have loaded my  Happy Relationships program – This is for dating couples, singles who want to meet their ideal partner, and for existing relationships that perhaps have gone a bit stale and need a new lease on life.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who you feel can get some benefit from it.  Its a simple yet effective way to shift your entire relationship by focusing on a few key ideas within yourself.

“How to get more love in your life in 7 days”
All of the chapters will be in the links below.

Day 1: Love and Relationships (a better understanding)
Day 2: Getting to know who you are and what you want
Day 3: Getting to know your partner better
Day 4: what do you share in common (like and dislike)
Day 5: Finding new things together (constant expansion)
Day 6: Commitment and Habits
Day 7: A new You, a new improved relationship
Gerard Fairley

How can we Heal Ourselves ?

This will only work if you believe you can heal yourself. The short answer is yes…assuming that you catch the affliction before you pass the point of no return.
Your body knows how to heal itself…but the fear in the mind keeps it from happening. You control your mind.  by gerard fairley

how can you heal yourself

you have to believe that you can first

(This is an actual question from a person with a severe knee injury..awaiting knee replacement surgery)
My response:

If I were to deal with pain from the point of view of LOA…then I would focus on healing and expecting to feel well. Stare at your knee and get a good sense of how it looks. Let that image burn into your mind. Now I would craft a few simple healing sessions… Water is a great healer. Take a soothing bath at least once a day..if you can. Submerge your body in the water and then do your breathing until you go into slight trance. Now revisit your image of your knee in your mind…being bathed with HEALING energy light. Play around with the visual …guide healing energy and white light to your knee, while you are submerged in water. If you can’t do this in “real” water…then do it all in your mind (same thing).

LOA tells us to expect that which we want. Expect the healing. Expect for your knee to feel good after your healing/soothing sessions. Joyfully recall the feeling of ….when you were walking painfree. What did you do then ??? Replay in your mind, the days of your youth…. Bring back those days as vividly in your mind as possible. Bring it to the “present”. Feel the feeling of unencumbered mobility. What would you do and where would you go? Take your mind off the pain and focus on the places you expect to go…on your healed knee. Talk to your knee…aren’t you connected to the knee ? it”s yours and within your body…so by default you are connected to it. Reach out to it with your mind and thoughts. Do the healing in your mind with passionate expectation, light and water.

I did a similar thing with my eye…when I had to have a corneal transplant (I caught a virus from my contact lenses)….and my body tried to reject the transplant.  I was in a lot of pain…and I had almost no vision in that (right) eye for a long time. The doctor told me I would lose my eye if I didn’t take this particular steroid everyday for the rest of my life.  This steroid would help me to see, but the side affect was I would probably get cataracts and glaucoma as I got older.  Well I refused that thought. I didn’t believe it…I mean who is she to tell me what to believe ? I believed I could heal myself.  I talked to my eye cells. I can do it…so can you. Talk to your cells…the cell are made up of the same stuff as your thoughts. Energy.

Gerard Fairley

The Power of Expectation

Expectation is what truly makes your own personal world the way that it is. Your physical reality mirrors exactly your expectations of it.

how to get more money

you get what you expect

The reason why  “poor” people stay poor is because they focus on the things they do not have…and expect more of the same.  “Wealthy” people expect their wealth to increase…and get more of that. And what is really interesting about the way that the universe operates is that the universe doesn’t care whether you are worthy or deserving of having one million dollars, it just brings one million dollars to whoever expects to have it.